Infor Global Solutions Website Review & Ratings + Infor Global Solutions Coupons
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Infor Global Solutions Website Review & Ratings + Infor Global Solutions Coupons

Infor Global Solutions : Products & Services

Infor Global Solutions is the third largest in the world when it comes to business applications and services. They have about 70,000 customers from more than 194 countries. It offers business services as well as a team of consultants. They offer business consulting, education, solution development, strategic consulting, and solution development. It’s a private company offering enterprise software that includes enterprise resource planning. It also offers deployment options to their customers to help them run their business on-premises, in the cloud, or both. 

Infor Global Solutions : Company Background

The company’s key people are led by CEO Charles E. Phillips is both the CEO and director while Duncan B. Angove is the president. The company offers solutions that help manage a front or back office. It also helps in supply operations. Some of their products are Customer relationship management, Marketing automation, Process manufacturing, Discrete manufacturing, Financial and expense management, Warehouse management, and Human capital and workforce management to name a few. It is located at 641 Avenue, New York, NY 10011.

Infor Global Solutions : Customer Feedback & Reviews

Upon scouring the internet for reviews about Infor Global Solutions, many people are said to be satisfied with its products and services. One of the reviews can be seen at where the company garners 2.7 out of 5 stars. Others said that this company offers them flexible time and telecommuting options. They also say that they experience a good working environment. On the other hand, some people say that the salary in this company is lower than market standards. Based from another Infor Global Solutions review, the overall rating of this company is 3.43 out of 5 stars. Users can check out the review here.

Infor Global Solutions : Business Credibility & Trustworthiness

Infor Global Solutions don’t have a BBB rating nor an accreditation. It doesn’t have any existing complaints filed with the bureau. According to BBB, there are no government actions taken against this business. The bureau didn’t receive any reports or complaints that concern the advertising methods of this company. This company isn’t covered by any media organizations nor it has been associated with any organizations.

Infor Global Solutions : Website Popularity & Google Ranking

This Infor Global Solution would like to inform users that this website has an Alexa rating of 36,881st website in the world. This is based from 3-month traffic rankings. This website belongs to the ERP category. It has a good traffic from Salt Lake City and Bangalore. The website has been online for 19 years. According to Stats My Web, the page rank of this website is 6 out of 10. The website gets about 43,646 visitors daily. The current SEO score for the website is 75.5%.

Infor Global Solutions : Social Media Presence

According to research made in this Infor review, the website is quite active on social media. In fact, it has a Facebook page that has about 5, 2079 likes. It also has a LinkedIn profile that users can find here. If users would like to follow them on Twitter, they can. This website has a Twitter page that has 1,564 tweets, 819 following, and 5,010 followers. They also have a YouTube channel that users can find here.

Infor Global Solutions : Website Security & Safety

Infor Global Solutions is generally-safe for the browsing public. In fact, it has been diagnosed by Google Safe Browsing Diagnostic Tool as a safe website that won’t harm or infect computers and websites. Customers can check out the results page here. Infor isn’t listed as a suspicious website and in the last three months that Google has visited the site, they don’t find any malware nor has the website hosted one.

Infor Global Solutions : Pricing & Packages

Some of its software products are offered free. The Infor Global Solutions website doesn’t disclose any pricing details but only has presented some brochures related to the products or services. Since Infor offers consulting solutions and services, the company offers flexible pricing depending on the project scope, size, and period. For questions about specific prices based from the products or services customers want to get from Infor, they can contact them through their contact page here. Based from the legal notice page, this company isn’t charging separate fees for using its website. However, it has stated that the company has the right to change or modify their current fees or surcharges. The company can also be reached through phone at 646-336-1700 or through toll-free number 866-244-5479.

Infor Global Solutions : Shipping Rates & Policies

This company is offering consultancy services and solutions to its users; thus, it doesn’t offer any shipping rates or policies. Because this company isn’t offering any physical products but solutions such as software and manpower labor, they don’t implement shipping to any countries. What they do is to provide front office or back office services to its customers.

Infor Global Solutions : Payment Methods Accepted

Infor doesn’t state any payment methods on their website. Instead, they offer users to see their brochures to check out more information about their products or services. Customers can contact them through their contact page here. This company offers various software solutions so its vendors implement different pricings for their products. The company doesn’t mention any payment methods.

Infor Global Solutions : Returns, Refunds & Exchange Policy

All sales are deemed as final. On the other hand, the company can be contacted through their support page that they can find here. Because the company is offering software solutions, they don’t offer a return or refund. However, customers can also contact them through phone at 646-336-1700 or at Toll-free: 866-244-5479. They also have an operation center that can be found in Alpharetta, GA 30004.

Infor Global Solutions : Product images & screenshots
Infor Global Solutions Coupons
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